Young Shin Announces Fully-Automatic Superfeed Device for Flatbed Diecutters and Digital Printers

Phillip Mack, Vice President of Young Shin USA, a wholly-owned subsidiary of South Korean-based Young Shin Industries, is pleased to announce the latest addition to the firm’s comprehensive diecutter product line – the new fully-automatic SuperFeed series of prefeeders. Designed to seamlessly integrate with its Young Shin Zenith 210, 185 and 150 and Meridian 170 diecutter models, the SuperFeed is also compatible with most standard flatbed diecutters and digital printers. The SuperFeed can process up to 7,000 sheets per hour and requires minimum production floor space yet expedites the automatic one-by-one staging and feeding of sheets. 

The production gains resulting from the utilization of the Young Shin SuperFeed are immediately realized both in turnaround time and in reducing costly labor costs. The SuperFeed integrates an automatic sheet turning system for laminated boards that are inverted or that require that all sheets be inverted. Also incorporated in the unit is an automatic pallet or base sheet discharging system. The SuperFeed’s sophisticated programming and electronics allows the user to save the specifications of the jobs, thereby eliminating costly set-up redundancy for repeat customer assignments. 

Celebrating its 40th year anniversary in 2020, Young Shin Industries’ years of accumulated expertise as one of the world’s leading diecutter manufacturers has delivered yet another time-saving device to maximize productivity and profits when running both short- and long-run jobs. Richard Lee, Managing Director of Young Shin Industries, remarks, “Our firm continues to provide new solutions for the global market to integrate advanced productivity enhancements thereby resulting in higher profitability. As the Young Shin diecutter brand has become synonymous with precision engineering, unparalleled reliability and a competitive price point, we have incorporated those traits into the new SuperFeed while offering flexible installation with most standard flatbed diecutters and the growing number of digital printers within our clients’ production facilities.” 

Mack also adds, “The performance of our customers in their roles as ‘essential businesses’ over the past six months of the pandemic has emphasized the need for rapid turnaround and superior outcomes. The SuperFeed contributes additional strength in meeting those goals by increasing productivity and profitability and reducing labor costs throughout these challenging times. The Young Shin SuperFeed is available for delivery within sixty (60) days to customers within the North American market.” 

To learn more about the SuperFeed, please contact Phillip Mack, Young Shin USA’s Vice President, at its suburban Chicago headquarters at 847-598-3611 or via email at or visit the firm’s comprehensive website at