Why you should be running FRIESE Corrugating Rolls!

Take a look at the link just published by my friends at Friese to see why. 

FRIESE Corrugating Roll Overview

FRIESE put together a detailed overview of the manufacturing process (forging, machining, hardening, profile grinding/optimization, tungsten carbide technology, tolerances, CCS/THERMO-grooves – condensate removal). 

I would pay special attention to the PACE (profile analysis and comparison estimate) P. 16-19 and our now “famous” Super C9 profile!

The Chalmers DST actually measures the performance of FRIESE corrugating rolls and one customer was able to go from 87.7% of the expected DST value to 112% of the expected DST value.  That is a 24% increase….AND they downgraded the medium twice! (p. 19)

Please let me know if you have any questions or if you would like a quote (New or Regrind).


Christian Rodriquez