What It’s All About: New Breaking Down Boxes Episode Released

Hosts Gene Marino, President, Akers Packaging Service Group, and Joe Morelli, Vice President of Sales & Marketing, Huston Patterson Printers and Lewisburg Printing Co., speak with Kevin and Matt Ausburn of SMC Packaging Group, in What It’s All About, the latest episode of Breaking Down Boxes

While SMC faced a tough start, like all box plants, Kevin Ausburn’s father and his business partner, Chuck Bachus, worked through it. After becoming a CPA, Kevin worked in Kansas City for several years before feeling the pull of a family business. His son Matt followed a similar path, earning a CPA and gaining experience outside of the SMC before the prospect of new projects also pulled him in. 

Kevin and Matt share how it feels to look back at working with their fathers and where they think SMC is heading. Hear about the organic development of the roles of the third generation in SMC and how they handle the challenge that many family companies face of encouraging the new generation to grow within the company, while the previous generation has to learn to step back. 

“When Gene and Joe interview multi-generation ownership, Kevin and Matt, at the same time it is really special,” says AICC President Mike D’Angelo. “You really feel like a part of the family in the way the story comes out conversationally. Great stuff.”

Hear the whole story in What It’s All About, available now on all major podcast players or at www.AICCbox.org/Boxes

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