Webcor Packaging Corp sets a new production record with FRIESE E flute corrugating rolls

A new record has been set by the folks at Webcor Packaging Corp. with Friese corrugating rolls. Their last set of E flute rolls ran for a total of 408,485,555 LF (124.506.397 linear meter)! 

This is a testament to the quality of Friese corrugating rolls and the team at Webcor Packaging. 
We are glad that our customer ran the rolls for 408,485,555 LF while continuing to make a quality product. 
Here at Friese, we win when our customer wins! 
This is also why we have produced our new Rockwelle 4.0 tungsten carbide based coating. Rockwelle 4.0 boasts a 10% higher material hardness compared to our previous tungsten carbide coating. 

This will significantly increase the life expectancy of your corrugating rolls. This coating was optimized for micro flutes such as E, F and G/N. If your current rolls are uncoated or chrome they can be upgraded to Rockwelle 4.0. 
Rockwelle 4.0 has also proven to be much smoother than the previous coating. This leads to an increase in mechanical values and to the production of a stronger box! 
Webcor achieved an impressive number with our standard Tungsten Carbide coating. 
Our Rockwelle 4.0 will last even longer and allow our customers to continue producing a high quality box! 
Please feel free to reach out with any questions or quote inquiries! 
Email: crodriguez@friese-na.com