Vanguard Companies Announces Win in the 2023 Path to Purchase OmniShopper Awards Competition

Vanguard Companies founded in 1975, is a leading designer and manufacturer of retail point-of-purchase (POP) displays, retail packaging, industrial packaging, and fulfillment services. Vanguard is pleased to announce the winning of a Path to Purchase OmniShopper Award. Vanguard Companies and Betr Remedies won an Omni Shopper Award in Category 10: In-Store Marketing: On-Shelf Campaign for the Betr Remedies Mixed Signage Kits.

“Creating an award winning program requires great customer collaboration, innovation, and teamwork. Congratulations to our valued customer, Betr Remedies, and the entire team at Vanguard for excellence in execution.” said Jim Beard, Vanguard Company CEO. “This was truly a team effort— from the partnership of our sales team with Betr Remedies through the design phase, planning and manufacturing. Vanguard delivers award winning results for our customers.”

The Path to Purchase Institute OmniShopper Awards is designed to recognize excellence in shopper engagement across the entire path to purchase, from newer tools like retail media networks and social media activations to traditional methods such as in-store displays and on-shelf signage. Now in its 3rd year, the program honors the effective activation of touch points both separately and as part of more comprehensive campaigns designed to reach shoppers at all stages of their purchase journey.

Betr Remedies wanted to simplify the OTC space and offer high-quality products that alleviate the most common ailments—starting with pain and allergies—offering everything most consumers need. Betr puts the customer first and couples this with a give-back program that is at the heart of their business. Their programs allow consumers an opportunity to consciously shop for OTC medications for themselves and in turn provide a life-saving medication for someone who could not otherwise afford it. Betr Remedies partnered with Vanguard to develop on-shelf signage kits to create brand awareness and sell the products to a new audience in-store. The kits had to be easily shoppable and sturdy enough for restocking. Graphically, the kits needed to use the core colors, have clean lines with an overall emphasis on brand messaging, and follow the Walmart on-shelf signage guidelines. Ultimately, the brand wanted to attract, engage, and convert shoppers.

Throughout the program development phase, the design team collaborated with the product team and went through an extensive sampling and revision process. In the end, the team at Betr designed the graphics, while the Vanguard team designed the complimentary structure.

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