Vanguard Companies Announces Expanded Role of the St. Louis Sales and Design Center

Vanguard Companies founded in 1975, is a leading designer and manufacturer of retail point-of-purchase (POP) displays, retail packaging, industrial packaging, and fulfillment services, serving clients in every retail sector. Today, Vanguard announced the continuous expansion and enhancement of its sales and design center conveniently located in Earth City, MO, with a focus on market research, creative services, and collaboration. 

“We are excited about the growth of the Eastern Region and how the team continues to 

develop,” said Ed Econie, Regional Sales Manager. “Today, we have a diverse client base and are excited to continue to expand our insights-driven offerings to help them succeed.” 

The company’s in-house marketing team conducts market research to stay up to date on consumer and shopper insights, along with retail and merchandising trends, to support their clients’ success. The team uses these insights to achieve bigger wins for their clients, such as faster sell-through, increased brand awareness, and solution-based engineering. Vanguard’s testing lab and eye-tracking capability puts the consumer in front of point-of-purchase displays and packaging to validate with data what attracts, engages, and converts shoppers. 

Vanguard’s award-winning creative services have been enhanced to an agency-style team with a deep understanding of insights, retail integration, in-store effectiveness, and ROI. The group leverages this knowledge to maximize in-store effectiveness while value engineering programs to meet client objectives and budgets. The company has also expanded its design lab space and on-site digital printing capabilities, reducing the timelines for bringing client projects to life. 

Vanguard has taken steps to improve collaboration by creating an in-house retail environment that exhibits point-of-purchase (POP) displays and packaging. This enables clients to explore and visualize the best merchandising programs for their needs. Additionally, the company has expanded its office space and meeting rooms, along with high-tech conference rooms, to further enhance teamwork. 

“The St. Louis team is a key part of our successful growth strategy, and we are excited to continue to invest in the talent and resources to expand our commitment in this region,” said Jim Beard, CEO. 

All of these capabilities and services take place under one roof in Earth City, MO allowing Vanguard to help companies reduce program costs, create brand value, gain market share, and improve their in-store merchandising effectiveness. 

About Vanguard Companies 

Vanguard Companies is one of the industry’s leading corrugated merchandising solution partners. Our expertise in point-of-purchase displays, signage, retail-ready packaging, industrial packaging, and e-commerce packaging is demonstrated across every retail sector. These products are amplified by our creativity, high-end graphics, digital printing, fulfillment services, and program management capabilities. 

We combine the latest shopper intelligence, award-winning design innovation, and technology to provide the most effective omnichannel display and packaging solutions. We are committed and focused on helping companies reduce program costs, create brand value, sell more products, and improve their bottom line. Learn more at