Unlock the Secrets of Rotary Die Cutting Excellence: Free Webinar for AICC Members

To enhance productivity and streamline operations in the corrugated industry, AICC, The Independent Packaging Association, in collaboration with Etra Corrugated Solutions, LLC, is offering “How to Get the Most Out of Your Rotary Die Cutter, a free webinar held on Tuesday, March 5, 2024. 

Join AICC and Richard Etra to explore the key features that align with a company’s unique product mix and learn how the strategic configuration of identical components in a die cutting line can significantly impact productivity.

Moreover, the session will shed light on optimizing the layout of products on cutting dies and leveraging new technology to revolutionize die cutting practices. This webinar is an opportunity to gain insights that can make a substantial difference in the success of a boxplant’s production.

Attendees will learn from Richard Etra, the Founder and Principal of Etra Corrugated Solutions, LLC. Etra is a 47-year veteran of the corrugated industry. He brings extensive experience in all facets of box plant operations, having served as a principal at Star Corrugated Box Company in New York City and later as the Manager of Special Projects and Technology for the U.S. Region of Cascades Containerboard Packaging. 

This informative webinar is open to all AICC Members in good standing. Secure your spot now to gain invaluable knowledge that can propel your operations to new heights. Learn more and register at www.AICCbox.org/Calendar.

Participants can watch this webinar at no cost, live. The recording will be available for individual purchase or with the All Access Pass. With busy schedules, it is not always possible to participate in a webinar at its scheduled time. The All Access Pass allows all employees to watch webinar recordings on their schedule and revisit them to ensure they have absorbed the vital information. Learn more at www.AICCbox.org/Pass.

Questions about training and the value a well-trained workforce brings to a company can be directed to Taryn Pyle, Director of Education & Leadership Development, tpyle@aiccbox.org, or Chelsea May, Education and Training Manager, cmay@aiccbox.org or 703.836.2422.