The Paper and Packaging Board Announces Dates for Its Annual State of the Campaign Report in July

The Paper and Packaging Board (P+PB) announced the dates of its annual State of the Campaign webinars on Tuesday, July 13th, Thursday, July 15th and Tuesday, July 20th for interested member company employees, media and partners. This year, P+PB president Mary Anne Hansan will discuss the campaign’s initial approach to communicating sustainability and the look and feel of the new creative designed to appeal to the younger end of the campaign demographic, consumers between the ages of 18-34 who are concerned about the environment and want to do their part.  

“According to research from the Carton Council, consumers overwhelmingly agree that knowing what products are created from the materials they recycle inspires them to recycle more, according to P+PB president Mary Anne Hansan.  This first wave of new work brings paper recycling to life showing consumers the kinds of products their paper and packaging recycling can be turned into.”

Hansan notes that the look and feel of the new TV, print and microsite features a vibrant, colorful, animation style that resonates with the younger end of our consumer target, aged 18-34 where animated programs, video, gaming and other similar content is a big part of their lives.  “Ultimately we want consumers to know that when they choose and recycle paper and paper-based packaging, they are a force for nature” says Hansan.

P+PB’s annual State of the Campaign webinars are open to anyone interested in learning about the Paper and Packaging Board’s consumer campaign. 

Register below to attend one of four 45-minute State of the Campaign webinars:

July 13 @ 11-11:45AM EST                 July 15 @ 11-11:45AM EST

July 15 @ 3-3:45PM EST                      July 20 @ 11-11:45AM EST

About: The Paper and Packaging Board promotes the sustainable nature of the paper and packaging industry’s practices and products and how they help contribute to a healthier planet. Forty-six U.S. manufacturers and importers collectively fund the national marketing campaign.

For more information: Sarah Meiburg, Sr. Director of Industry Outreach,