The key role of corrugated cardboard in delivering a stronger circular economy

The corrugated cardboard industry remains highly committed to achieving the objectives of the PPWR. We sit down with Saverio Mayer, CEO Europe Smurfit Kappa and VP of Fefco, to discuss the proposed changes – and why recycling and reuse must be seen as complementary

Why is the corrugated cardboard industry so important in Europe and what benefits does it bring?

Corrugated cardboard packaging matters because it plays an essential role in everyday life: it serves to protect the products we all buy and consume, be it when they are being transported, stored or sold.

In fact 75% of all goods on their journey from producer to customer are transported and protected using corrugated cardboard. It protects and preserves even the most fragile goods, which helps the EU’s environmental goals because damaged goods create pressure on the planet through wasted food, fuel and other resources. Trade, both within Europe and beyond, could barely survive without it.

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