Tappi CorrExpo: Intro to Corrugated, The One Day Course

In conjunction with CorrExpo 2019 is the Intro to Corrugated, The 1-Day Course held on Sunday, October 13, 2019

In fast-paced corrugator operations, it is critical to be equipped with a foundational understanding of this dynamic process.

Intro to Corrugated is led by subject matter expert and experienced instructor Tim Church.

The course is intended to help participants increase their understanding of the corrugating process, as well as linerboard and medium performance properties and manufacturing. Participants can expect to learn ways to improve corrugated box performance and runnability. Intro to Corrugated is designed to shorten the learning curve of people new to the business, and provide a deeper understanding to those already in the game.

All enrolled course participants unable to attend the entire CorrExpo will receive a FREE pass to the CorrExpo Exhibit Floor.