Smurfit Kappa’s Fresh Produce Event: Leading the way to sustainability

In an era when sustainability and innovation are key drivers for the Fresh Produce industry, Smurfit Kappa is leading the way with ground-breaking solutions designed to benefit its customers and the planet. At the end of October, the Smurfit Kappa Green team, who specialise in the design and manufacture of corrugated packaging for fresh and prepared produce, hosted a ‘Produce Event’ at Smurfit Kappa’s Northampton Experience Centre. The event was exclusively for the Fresh Produce sector, inviting customers to engross themselves in a world of optimisation, sustainability, and cost reduction. Let’s explore some of the event highlights!

Showcasing sustainability and innovation

In the spotlight was Smurfit Kappa’s “Better Planet Packaging” initiative, which demonstrates Smurfit Kappa’s dedication to sustainability. Attendees witnessed an exciting demonstration of an innovative water-resistant coating for fresh produce trays, designed to make them not only durable, but also keep them 100% recyclable. This brilliant solution ensures that produce remains fresher for longer and aligns perfectly with the growing demand for eco-friendly packaging solutions in the sector.

But that’s not all. The event was an immersive journey, with customers gaining valuable insights into emerging industry trends and essential legislative updates, equipping them to stay ahead in this rapidly evolving market. Efficiency and innovation were also showcased, with state-of-the-art machine systems and supply chain optimisation solutions on display, giving attendees a competitive edge in the industry.

Additionally, demonstrations of Smurfit Kappa’s ISTA lab offered a dive into testing transit hazards that have the potential to damage both packaging and products. By identifying and addressing potential issues, customers can prevent loss, reduce waste, and maintain the integrity of their products from production to delivery.

“The Fresh Produce Event gave a chance for customers, machine suppliers and the corrugated/solid board teams to discuss ‘What’s in Store’ for the industry. The focus was on replacing plastic whilst making Returnable Plastic Trays more effective in marketing Fresh Produce instore. The whole idea of tiering and using shelf space more effectively was discussed, with a focus on reducing cost via automation and producing the most sustainable packaging in the market. Feedback has been really positive, and many development projects are already underway.” says Adrian Bird, Smurfit Kappa’s UK Market Development Director. 

Elevating Fresh Produce industry excellence

Smurfit Kappa’s Fresh Produce Event was a lively platform for customers to explore innovative solutions, embrace sustainability, and envision the future of the industry. With a steadfast commitment to creating a greener planet through sustainable packaging, Smurfit Kappa Green is setting the standard for the Fresh Produce sector and ensuring its customers are well-prepared to thrive in this dynamic marketplace.

Customer feedback from the event included, “The whole experience was really worthwhile, giving the opportunity to revisit packaging from a wider perspective”, Leslie Myles from Greenvale AP.

Jane Skelton, Smurfit Kappa’s UK Innovation Director reflects, “It was a real pleasure to be involved in the planning as well as the event itself with the Smurfit Kappa Green team. Our Experience Centre in Northampton became a centre of excellence for cardboard packaging in the Fresh Produce sector. The customer engagement and the feedback we received was excellent. All credit to the Green team for creating a great event for customers and Smurfit Kappa colleagues alike.” 

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