Smurfit Kappa UK: The importance of choosing the right packaging for eCommerce food delivery

In the past few years, there’s been a boom in online food delivery services, somewhat spurred on by the challenges posed during the COVID-19 restrictions. A time when trying to snag some meat and poultry was like navigating a culinary obstacle course. The rising demand for doorstep dining is also a direct response to the modern consumer’s growing love affair with convenience, with 43% of consumers planning to increase online shopping in the next six months (PWC), and, 60% of consumers saying that a convenient shopping experience remains a high priority when spending with a retailer (Internet Retailing).

So, with more and more consumers choosing the convenience of ordering meat and poultry products online, the industry has placed more emphasis on fit-for-purpose packaging solutions that guarantee quality and safety.

Packaging plays a pivotal role in preserving the freshness of meat and poultry during shipping. Advanced packaging solutions tailored specifically to the food and drink market, to prevent contamination and maintain an optimal temperature, ensure that food remains edible and in line with strict safety standards.

Committing to using quality packaging acts as a competitive advantage in the increasingly crowded eCommerce marketplace.

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