Run Through Walls: Breaking Down Boxes- New Episode Out Now

Gene Marino, Executive Vice President, Akers Packaging Service Group and AICC Board Chair, and Joe Morelli, Vice President of Sales & Marketing, Huston Patterson Printers & Lewisburg Printing Company and AICC Associate Board Chair, spoke with Fosber President Jeff Pallini in the latest episode of Breaking Down Boxes. 

”You think you know people, and then you hear an episode of “Breaking Down Boxes” and you learn so much more. Plus you get a lot more insight into why they’re successful,” says Mike D’Angelo, President, AICC, The Independent Packaging Association.

Pallini shares how his company created a culture built around a customer service model taught to him by his father, “Commitment to the Customer to Work Harder Than Anyone in the Industry to Make Our Customer Happy.” With his upfront personality, listeners will learn how his involved

approach to hiring the right team members fosters this culture. 

He also explains how the accident that took his hand changed him and the work he does to help others in the industry take responsibility for their own safety. 

“Jeff is an inspirational leader, who’s story of success is 100% self-made and one that isn’t all that surprising considering his passion for Fosber, his perspective on life and his competitive drive,”  said Morelli.

New episodes drop the first Monday of every month. The latest episode, Run Through Walls, is available now. 

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