Reissco Corp. completes implementation of a Technical Knowledge Management System at Dusobox Corp., Orlando, FL

Congratulation to Dusobox Corp. for successfully completing the implementation of a comprehensive, fully integrated technical knowledge management system aligned with Industry 4.0. The system was implemented by Reissco Corp.


The system consists of several fully integrated components:

–          A computerized maintenance management system (CMMS)

–          Advanced search technology for technical documentation and other unstructured data

–          Microsoft Office 365 – major components used here are:

o   Stream – Video streaming of indexed and closed-captioned technical videos supporting installed physical assets and training

o   SharePoint as the content management system

o   Flow as the knowledge business process automation tool

o   Teams as the internal group communication tool

–          Mobile technology – tablets and other hand-held devices with complete access to the system

–          Advanced business work-flow complete with notification and approval system

–          Cross-platform integration with the business system KIWI/ERP to support maintenance purchasing requisition and work center cost control.


Combined, the system provides a 360° view all installed physical assets, parts inventory, maintenance management, supply-chain, and maintenance technician qualifications.


The technical knowledge management system at Dusobox is a hybrid on-premise/cloud-based installation.


Main Functionality:


The CMMS supports the following main functionality for the maintenance and reliability activities:

–          Asset register – here all installed physical assets are registered complete with all detailed information pertaining to the assets

–          Maintenance scheduling – comprehensive scheduling software to include time, labor-, part-, and tooling resources

–          Work order management

–          Technicians’ task management

–          Preventive maintenance scheduling and execution control

–          Budgeting and Cost control

–          An integrated enterprise-level inventory management system

–          Parts and services Purchasing system

–          Vendor management system (used for physical assets and parts)

–          Comprehensive Reporting

–          Service Requests from Operations

–          Mobile Solutions

–          Plant reliability reporting


Importantly, all unstructured equipment data is fully searchable: In addition to data residing within the CMMS, all documentation for physical assets have been digitized, were indexed and are fully searchable. That includes machine operator manuals, parts catalogs, and drawings. Any work center history, operator instruction, drawing, safety manual, inventory item, etc. can be viewed on any web-enabled device within seconds. All content is stored on and has access authorization management thru MS Office 365 SharePoint.


Where available, machine videos are close captioned, along with other media files they are indexed and are fully searchable by subject matter. These media files are also available to view on any web-enabled device anywhere within the organization and delivered thru MS Office 365 Stream.


Business work-flows are automated, such as capital expenditure request and approval management thru MS Office 365 Flow.


The entire technical knowledge system is aligned with Industry 4.0 – all data is digitized, integrated, searchable and offers cross-platform integration to all Dusobox business systems.


During the first year of usage the following benefits have been experience:

–           Unscheduled breakdowns have been reduced below 5% of overall service activities.

–          Asset reliability has been significantly boosted which in turn has improved product quality and on-time shipments.

–          Inventory levels have been optimized to support pro-active maintenance management and to support critical inventory.

–          The overall cost reduction and process efficiency improvements have been significant.


For more information please contact John Kelley, President at Dusobox (407)855-5120 or call Andy Reissmann at Reissco Corp. (407)978-9862