Progroup: Generational change taking place as scheduled: Maximilian Heindl appointed deputy CEO

Maximilian Heindl, son of the founder of the company and CEO of Progroup, Jürgen Heindl, will be taking on more responsibility in the company’s senior management team when he becomes deputy CEO from 1 July 2021. Progroup is thus taking the next step in the carefully planned transition between the generations. At the turn of 2022/2023, Jürgen Heindl will then finally relinquish the role of CEO of Progroup AG and move to the Supervisory Board.  

Progroup will remain a strong partner for employees and customers
“We made the right decisions at an early stage to ensure that Progroup as a family-run company can carry on developing successfully over the long term. Our aim in the future will continue to be to employ our business model to operate sustainably in the market and grow along with our partners and customers. The close link spanning the generations guarantees our employees and customers the continuity and reliability of Progroup as a strong partner,” says Chief Executive Officer Jürgen Heindl. Safeguarding his experience and knowledge of the market for the long term is a key component of Progroup’s succession strategy. 

The success story continues
“As a family we share common values and a very similar attitude on many issues. For me this is the foundation on which to continue to build and expand the success story that my father has created at Progroup,” says Maximilian Heindl. He also has the company’s future and long-term growth strategy firmly in his sights. 

For example, the company’s twelfth production facility for corrugated board sheets and its third plant in Poland is currently being constructed in Stryków, Poland. In addition, further growth projects in Germany, Italy and in France are in the final stage of planning and approval. “Central Europe forms the regional core of our activities. It is the best location that allows us to serve the needs of our customers,” explains the new deputy CEO Maximilian Heindl.  

“As well as continuing to grow, we will also press ahead with modernising the technology at our existing sites and linking together all processes. We will also focus on the issue of sustainability– zero waste, zero emissions, closed material loops: These are the clear targets that we are setting ourselves,” adds Maximilian Heindl.  

Maximilian Heindl joined the company in 2016 as Head of Production and Technology Paper. In August 2017, he was appointed as a deputy member of the Board. Since 2019, he has been driving the company’s development in his role as Chief Development Officer, focusing in particular on die areas of organisation, digitisation and value-based management. Before he joined Progroup, he was able to gain experience of the industry at Voith Paper GmbH & Co. KG in Heidenheim. The industrial engineer successfully completed his degree in the Department of Economics and Management at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT).