PrintFactory announces a strategic partnership with Barberan SA

PrintFactory announces a strategic partnership with Barberan SA, who will now be using the PrintFactory Automation workflow to provide their customers with automated pre-press production for the Barberan JetMaster series of print production lines.

Founded in 1929, Barberan SA has been the leader in the design and manufacture of equipment for surface printing applications in the digital decoration, packaging and sign industries. 

Barberan’s digital printing technologies are at the heart of many production factories; driving complete end-to-end production environments. Barberan customers produce industrial products on a variety of substrates such as wood, cork, plastic, ceramics and metals. Industrial production relies on accuracy, reliability and maximum uptime.

PrintFactory’s Automation workflow supports Industry 4.0 operations, enabling ‘eyes-closed’ printing processes to become a reality. PrintFactory Automation prepares, schedules, and nests production files via its Cloud servers while seamlessly reporting status, job criteria and production metrics automatically to customer’s MIS and Web2Print systems.

Erik Strik, CEO of PrintFactory: “This is a great partnership for us as it proves the Cloud Automation capabilities of our workflow are suitable for industrial level print production. By automating the job preparation and colour management elements of an industrial printer’s operation these factories can maximise their return on what is a considerable investment; allowing production managers to concentrate on manufacturing their products, better, faster and with minimum waste or disruption.”

Isaac Contreras – Barberan “This collaboration means another huge step forward towards the automation of processes and workflows in industrial printing since it allows to integrate prepress and color management tools in a single platform. As it is also a multi-user solution based on cloud connectivity, permits the printing companies to decentralize the prepress tasks and to share advanced color resources within the customer’s ecosystem” 

PrintFactory software is delivered via a network of distributors, worldwide: it delivers increased productivity, guarantees lower ink costs with no detriment to print quality, improves margins thanks to reduced media waste and ensures consistent colour, time after time. The company’s partnerships with device manufacturers bodes well for not only standard markets, but also for industrial scale operations. 

About PrintFactory

PrintFactory is a suite of award-winning, workflow software that helps Industrial and Large Format Printers to work more efficiently today and prepare for more advanced levels of automation tomorrow. The team are printers themselves, delivering competition-beating workflow software: PrintFactory delivers the highest quality, consistent colour to every device, anywhere, with manual control over smart technology that makes it possible to build a better business. 

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About Barberan

Barberan delivers the best solutions in coating, printing, drying, profile wrapping, laminating, post-forming, profile sanding and a wide range of complementary machines. Barberan machines are designed to improve productivity and reduce manufacturing costs, taking always into consideration the respect for the environment.

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