Packlane Announces New Economical, Eco-Friendly Custom Packaging Solution

With e-commerce booming and consumer demand for sustainable packaging increasing, it’s high time that e-commerce companies have easy access to sustainable packaging solutions that are also sustainable for their businesses. There’s always been a heavy price premium on sustainable packaging–until now.

Packlane Inc., the online leader in custom packaging design and manufacturing, todayannounced the launch of Econoflex printing, its latest custom packaging innovation. Aptly named, the Econoflex product line is Packlane’s most economical and eco-friendly offering to date, with print quality rivaling flexography at a fraction of the cost.

With the Econoflex Shipping Box as the first in the new product line, Packlane sets a newstandard for the custom packaging trifecta of high-quality printing, rapid turnaround times and affordable prices. Econoflex uses an innovative print technology to achieve fine lines and artwork on 100% recycled and recyclable corrugated cardboard, without the cost or time required for traditional flexographic printing. Best of all, it is available for both short-run and long-run order quantities.

Miriam Brafman, Packlane founder and CEO, said “At Packlane, sustainability has always beenone of our core values, and many of our customers feel the same. However, combining the quality of flexographic print techniques with sustainable materials has traditionally been prohibitive for short-run packaging. We’re thrilled to release our Econoflex line, which applies flexo-like printing to recycled and recyclable materials, at prices that are far cheaper than previously possible ”

Packlane customer Tony Spencer of Spruce CBD Oil said, “As an e-commerce company we areaware of the fact that we have a substantial environmental footprint. Our customers care too, but realistically most of them are not willing to pay the usual premium for eco-friendly packaging. We love the Econoflex box because it enables us to offer branded, eco-friendly packaging while actually increasing our slim margins.”

About Packlane

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