Packaging Notes by Brian Johnston is now available

Packaging Notes from the DE519N Desk by Brian Johnston, an award winning Corrugated POP and POS Designer, is a book on designing of corrugated packaging for various industries. 

This book is a handy resource of guideline for industry professionals and students


From industry terms and mathematical equations, to retail display guidelines and press sizes, this book is a quick reference guide to almost anything you will need in your library of information as a Structural Packaging Designer, focusing primarily on the corrugated side of packaging materials. This book consists of information and notes that have been accumulated from over twenty years experience in the Packaging Industry as a Structural Designer. Whether you are a veteran in the industry, or a student just starting out, this book will be a handy resource of guidelines that will assist you along your journey. What can you find inside? – Calculating basis weights of materials, cubic volumes, and stacking strengths – Shipping volumes for Transport Trucks and Sea Containers – Design Thinking and Tips – Box Standards and their tolerances And much more.

Softcover: ISBN 9781777087708

Hardcover: ISBN 9781777087715

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