Not Knowing Means You Do Not Have It (By: Andy Reissmann, Cambrica Corp.)

The corrugated manufacturing and converting industry has pushed machine manufacturers to produce ever more productive equipment. Machine manufacturers have met the challenge, building specialized productive assets for very specific purposes, for example: For speed, for fast setups, for 24/7 operation, for ultra-high quality, etc.  High performance demands sophisticated systems which also require higher operating skills, and specifically calibrated maintenance procedures. All of this is supported by voluminous “how to …” documentation, spare parts lists, safety protocols, and detailed schematics. 

The dilemma is how to ensure quick and accurate access to critical information at the place of need and keeping track of vital maintenance and critical parts inventory requirements. Study any OEM maintenance manual and you will quickly learn that even the most common monthly and quarterly preventive maintenance tasks are made up of long check lists. Many tasks require special skill sets, as well as supplies and parts to ensure a reliable operation. And, if you read carefully, any machine warranty and performance guarantees are void should you fail to operate and maintain your equipment as specified by the OEM.  Therefore, a professional approach to meet these demands is essential. A Computerized Maintenance Management System prevents missing complex maintenance tasks, consequent equipment failure and the risk of bodily harm to those operating these systems. And, a Technical Knowledge Management System ensures quick access to all technical knowledge within seconds. Consequently, both, a CMMS and a TKMS are essential tools to ensure or exceed your expected ROI.

As the headline says, if you cannot quickly find information required to maintain your assets properly, you fail to achieve the potential you invested in. If your parts department cannot identify or find inventory items, you essentially do not have them. If your line-of-business workers cannot find information quickly and easily to execute a task, they will not do it.

Knowing relationships between entities brings understanding. Understanding drives educated decisions. Educated decisions provide $$$ opportunities.

Please view the video how Cambrica has helped Dusobox bring a professional approach to their technical asset management. For more information, please click here.