Nextwire Brings Performance-Driven Corrugated Solutions to SuperCorrExpo

Nextwire, LLC, known for its leadership in supplying high quality belt technology for the corrugated industry, will give attendees at SuperCorrExpo a close-up look at its performance-driven solutions. Scheduled for August 9-12, 2021 in Orlando, SuperCorrExpo is one of the most influential corrugated packaging-focused trade shows in the Western Hemisphere. 

In addition to showcasing its innovative products throughout the show, Nextwire will host a reception at its booth, #2415, from 3-5 pm on August 9, the first day of the expo. Visitors can enjoy food and cocktails while learning about Nextwire’s main product offerings which include:


The Nextwire range of innovative solutions includes ArmorPress, a woven metal mesh engineered for increased surface contact that results in improved bond and heat transfer. Utilizing innovative ArmorPress woven metal fabric with optimal wire and mesh configuration, 16% more surface contact is created for an improved bond and heat transfer. ArmorPress is offered uncoated or with Teflon coating for easy release and increased productivity. Minimal narrowing and no seam marking combined with longer life contribute to increased production efficiency with numerous reports of belts running more than 100 million linear feet. ArmorPress has a proven track record and is becoming the belt of choice among Corrugator plant engineers. Each belt undergoes rigorous testing intended to replicate mill equipment tension and speeds.


Through its exclusive partnership with GKD Group, Nextwire now offers the Hybridmesh Double Backer Belt to the North American market. GKD spent 10 years developing this latest Hybridmesh technology, an innovative wire mesh weave that offers the benefits of both woven and spiral belts. 

The new Hybridmesh 3322 belt is made to meet the high production speeds and sustainability goals of today’s corrugated box companies. The Hybridmesh 3322 is made using a multilayer mesh, with multifilament, bronze and synthetic fiber that results in a strong, lightweight belt that offers superior permeability that requires less energy to pull through the corrugator and less heat for drying. This open and robust belt allows for better air circulation and conductivity which results in reduced glue consumption due to faster evaporation. 

Traditionally, corrugated companies had to choose between the woven belt – which is long-lasting but heavy, non-permeable, and requires significant energy to run – and the spiral belt, which is lighter and highly permeable, but doesn’t last as long. The Hybridmesh 3322 offers the best of both worlds. Due to advanced heat setting procedures, Nextwire ensures the product will have minimal shrinkage and stretching, eliminate installation services and maintain its stability and integrity for years of service.


Nextwire is a broadloom weaving facility established in 1963 located in Star City, Arkansas. From wire cloth and woven fabrics to screens and belting products, Nextwire is a comprehensive source for the Pulp and Paper, Nonwovens, Corrugator, and Engineered Woods Industries. Specialized looms allow for weaving capabilities unique among our competitors, and we maintain an expansive array of material and product selection offerings. Nextwire offers full technical service, support and design with extensive inventories and available stocking programs ensure a rapid response to meet all customer needs. For more information, visit


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