NCM-JS Machine is hosting a corrugated machinery forum the week of 6/8/2020 (special guests from JB Machinery)

The host of the forum will be Evan Clary, with Spencer Bird and Dave Burgess from JB Machinery as guest speakers.  Questions on any make or model of corrugator and converting equipment are welcome.

This will be a fast paced and educational experience for all viewers!

Please forward all questions via email to Evan Clary at  If you wish to remain anonymous, please indicate this when you submit your question(s).

Questions/topics already submitted include:

  • How do Infra-Red dryers work and where do they fit on the machine – is there more than one model?
  • How can dryers assist in the production of high quality direct flexo printing?
  • What other benefits do Infrared Dryers provide on an inline RDC or FFG?
  • Can you put dryers on a Top Print Machine? If so, how do the benefits differ from a bottom print machine?
  • Why are dryers so crucial for Inside/Out printing?
  • What safety precautions does JB Machinery take when it comes to building dryers?