MJM Corrugated Packaging Consultants LLC Launches to Enhance Asitrade and Litho-Lamination Processes

Industry veteran Mickey Mazurik has recently established MJM Corrugated Packaging Consultants LLC, a full-service consultancy firm that supplies expert advice and training to help companies improve the quality and production of corrugated packaging products.

With a focus on Bobst Asitrade lamination process implementation, training, and program standardization, MJM is dedicated to delivering top-notch services to all groups, regardless of their size. The company’s services revolve around the production of high-quality sheets from Asitrades and traditional corrugators for converting on platen die cutters, rotary die cutting operations, as well as Die cutting 101 and other corrugated operations criteria.

Moreover, MJM offers remote support through AR glasses such as Iristick or Vurix, enabling remote professionals to troubleshoot machine issues with operators and maintenance groups by simply seeing what the operators see and communicating with them to resolve any problem.

“We are excited to launch MJM Corrugated Packaging Consultants LLC and provide our clients with the best solutions for their corrugated packaging needs,” said Mickey Mazurik, founder of MJM. “Our team is committed to delivering outstanding services that enhance the production of higher-quality sheets from Asitrades and traditional corrugators. We are also proud to offer remote support through cutting-edge AR technology to ensure that our clients’ machines run smoothly at all times.”

For more information about MJM Corrugated Packaging Consultants LLC please E mail @ Johnmazurik@msn.com or call 312.721.7725