Mayer Kartonagen (Germany) Choose Baysek Die Cutter

Mayer Kartonagen, a large family owned producer of corrugated boxes, partitions, interpack and other items, invest in Baysek Machines’ C-170 die cutter to add flexibility to their converting line.  Designed to fit customer needs, packaging solutions from Mayer Kartonagen meet versatile requirements for packaging for various industries, products and applications.

Baysek’s large 1400 mm x 1700 mm format (55” x  67”) nick-free, multiple-out, C-170 die cutter is the perfect selection for demand-optimized packaging Mayer supplies. No special tooling or make ready is necessary. The servo driven C-170 automatically shear cuts, fully strips waste, accurately counts and neatly stacks up to 60 individual 100% perimeter cut pieces at a maximum rate of 1800 sheets per hour with just one operator. The Baysek supports large & small runs of simple to intricate design with quick turnarounds that will assist Mayer with the exciting ideas and solutions for efficient, space-saving, practical, fast, flexible and environmentally friendly packaging they offer.

Mayer Kartonagen is headquartered in Haiterbach in the Black Forest. With a branch in Ottersweier, they are also close to customers in the Baden region. Watch for more information and innovation from Mayer Kartonagen upon installation and start-up. 

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Alexander H. Kraft

Tel:   0049 (0) 9855 – 399

Fax:  0049 (0) 9855 – 633