Leading corrugated solutions provider, ePS Packaging, to sponsor AICC 2024 Spring Meeting and 50th Anniversary Celebration

eProductivity Software (ePS), a global leader in transformational technology, purpose-built to empower the packaging and print industries, is excited to announce its sponsorship of the AICC 2024 Spring Meeting and 50th Anniversary Celebration held at Palm Desert, CA, April 8-10. With an unwavering commitment to the corrugated industry, ePS Packaging, an operating unit of ePS, is demonstrating its roots and contribution to innovation within the corrugated industry. 

With a rich history spanning over three decades stemming from its roots as CTI (Corrugated Technologies Inc) and Escada (corrugated control), ePS Packaging, an operating unit of eProductivity Software, has been a steadfast presence in the ever-evolving corrugated industry. As the industry grapples with unprecedented changes, ePS Packaging remains at the forefront, offering innovative solutions that redefine the landscape of corrugated board and box manufacturing. This enduring commitment to the industry is a testament to ePS Packaging’s resilience and innovation.  

ePS’ Corrugated Suite, a comprehensive technology stack, is a testament to its commitment to providing tailored solutions. It encompasses Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), and advanced corrugator control technologies. This unique offering not only equips customers, sheet feeders, sheet plants and full box plants, with the necessary tools but also provides them with the deep industry expertise that ePS Packaging has honed over the years. These solutions are revolutionizing the industry, empowering customers to drive profits and secure a competitive edge in challenging markets. 

In celebrating 50 years of the AICC, ePS demonstrates its dedication to the industry with a testament to the company’s depth of knowledge and investment in innovation for its customers. Its most recent corrugated offering is its next-generation solution, Auto-Count® 4D (AC4D), a web-based plant floor real-time data collection solution. ePS solutions ensure seamless integration with both industry-specific and general business systems, including giants like SAP, facilitating a level of operational synergy that is critical for success in today’s fast-paced market. 

On the hardware front, ePS’ Escada corrugator process control and QCS solutions are transforming the landscape of corrugated board manufacture and conversion. By employing closed-loop control technologies, these solutions maximize yield and efficiency, offering a significant advantage to both independent and larger players in the industry. Moreover, in an era of labor challenges and skill shortages, ePS Packaging is pioneering the transfer of tribal knowledge into systematic, technology-driven solutions that empower a new generation of operators. 

In addition to its technological contributions, ePS Packaging is actively participating in the industry’s thought leadership. Aleks Zlatic, VP Product Portfolio & Market Development, will join the panel at the upcoming AICC AI Xperience event in May, further demonstrating the company’s commitment to driving the corrugated industry’s future. 

As ePS Packaging sponsors the AICC 2024 Spring Meeting and celebrates 50 years of industry excellence, their message is clear: through innovation, dedication, and a deep understanding of the corrugated sector, they are not just responding to the industry’s needs – they are anticipating them, leading the way towards a future where efficiency, sustainability, and profitability go hand in hand. 

“We are grateful for the support from AICC member eProductivity Software as a gold sponsor for the Spring Meeting & 50th Anniversary Celebration,” said AICC President Mike D’Angelo. “Their generous support signifies a strong commitment to the paper-based packaging industry’s future and underscores the importance of such collaborations within our community.”