Larsen Packaging Products, Inc. to manufacture corrugated boxes in house

Larsen Packaging Products, a 30+ year distributor of packaging & shipping supplies, have decided to start manufacturing corrugating corrugated boxes in house.

Bill Larsen states “ Initially we started to convert sheets in house to be able to react faster for quoting & delivery purposes to our end users.  As a distributor, we were always bound to someone else’s minimum requirement which is no longer the case.  Most companies in the packaging arena are either a manufacturer or a distributor & we’re now able to ride both sides of that fence offering a real one stop shop experience. We have always offered blanket order release & vendor managed inventory programs.  As a distributor that came with the added liability of paying for & storing the material up front. The storage of this material is not only very expensive, we never really knew if the end user would really take & pay for the material when he said he would.  We’re now able store substantially less inventory on hand while supplying ultra-aggressive pricing when required. “

Some of the equipment in Larsen’s portfolio includes, 2 color-Staley rotary die cutter, 2 color-Simon mini FFG, 2 color-Langston Saturn III 50” FFG, Solarco Lineal feed (98 x 220”) corrugated press

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