KMK Paper starts up PM1 at its Kahramanmaraş facility in Turkey

KMK Paper starts up PM1 at its Kahramanmaraş facility in Turkey
Bild: KMK Paper and Toscotec’s team in front of PM1 at Kahramanmaraş mill in Turkey (from left to right): Bora Kallem, owner, EMKA Ltd; Cihangir Hakan Oba, Project Manager, KMK Paper; Fabrizio Charrier, Sales Manager, Toscotec / Image: Toscotec

Turkish cardboard manufacturer KMK Paper successfully resumed production on PM1 following an extensive rebuild supplied by Toscotec at its Kahramanmaraş facility in Turkey. PM1 produces packaging paper grades, including fluting, testliner, kraft paper, and gypsum board. 

The rebuild has achieved the primary targets of production increase and paper quality improvement. The project involved the modification of the entire paper machine from the forming section to the reel through the installation of Toscotec and Voith’s technology. The supply of a NipcoFlex shoe press featuring a nip load of 1600 kN/m has already achieved higher dryness and paper quality, and a DuoShake unit in the wet section is ensuring better formation. After the size press, a CB-Turn unit provides effective sheet stabilization through an air cushion and avoids roll contamination. In the dryer section, Toscotec has improved sheet stabilization in the first unirun section; the installation of TT SteelDryers has improved the total drying capacity, and the DuoCleaner units are guaranteeing effective cleaning of the dryer fabrics. Finally, a complete tail threading system has increased machine efficiency.

Established in 1988, KMK Paper operates two production sites in Kahramanmaraş (PM1 & 2) manufacturing 250,000 tons/year of kraft paper, gypsum board, coreboard, grey and corrugated cardboard, testliner, and fluting. After the rebuild, PM1’s capacity increased from 110,000 tons/year to 155,000 tons/year, and PM2’s capacity is 95,000 tons/year.

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