Klöde Kartonagen Invests In Baysek Flatbed Die Cutter

Klöde Kartonagen has been manufacturing packaging solutions of all kinds in and around Berlin for almost 90 years. The company, which was founded in 1950 in West Berlin, began processing corrugated board in the 1960s. Using high quality recycled corrugated board, the company supplies a wide range of industries with versatile solutions in the small and large packaging range of all kinds. Since 2005, the third-generation family-run company has spread logistics and production across two plants just outside Berlin. The company is now investing in a C-170 flatbed die cutter from Wisconsin, USA-based Baysek Machines Inc.

The machine punches while the waste is simultaneously, completely discharged via a vacuum system. The die-cut material is automatically counted according to specifications, stacked and immediately deposited ready for shipment. Work such as manual stripping is eliminated, so only one machine operator is needed.

Whether simple or complicated design, small or medium quantities – the Baysek machine adapts to individual customer needs. From now on, the user-friendly Baysek machine will support the environmentally conscious company Klöde Kartonagen in the development, production and logistics of efficient, space-saving and innovative packaging.


Alexander Kraft