Kernic Systems Completes Installation of Innovative Centralized Scrap Collection System at Greenfield Corrugated Sheet Feeder Plant

Kernic Systems, a leader in innovative scrap and trim recovery solutions for the corrugated, printing, and folding carton industries, is thrilled to announce the successful installation of a brand-new turn-key scrap collection system at CanCorr, a greenfield corrugated sheet feeder plant in Surrey, BC. CanCorr (Canada Corrugated Industries Inc.) will cater to clients across North America, with a focus on serving Western Canada for all their corrugated sheet needs. 

“I was very impressed, from the first quotation all the way to completion. The Kernic Systems team and support from Höcker Polytechnik was terrific every step of the way,” said Abi Naemi, Executive Partner of CanCorr. “The lack of dust on our production equipment and the low noise levels really speaks to the quality of design and engineering of this new style of scrap removal system”.

The installation of the ultra efficient and compliant centralized negative pressure scrap collection system at CanCorr included a comprehensive range of equipment with a focus on efficiency, safety, and cleanliness. This innovative scrap recovery system services a new 1,000 FPM, 112” wide double-wall BW Paper Systems corrugator.  The negative pressure system produced by Höcker Polytechnik creates a dust free environment with less noise, making it safer, cleaner, and more environmentally friendly, which in turn generates a higher return on investment compared to traditional positive pressure systems. The system is a complete in-door below roof design with all necessary safety equipment for full NFPA compliance.

The negative pressure system differs from traditional positive pressure systems that ‘push’ material through duct work towards the separator and collector using material handling fans. The negative pressure system pulls scrap material towards the separator, where scrap is deposited into a horizontal baler while the dust and conveying air continue to the dust collector for filtration. By eliminating the need for noisy material handling fans and utilizing advanced controls to idle or slow down unnecessary air flow when not in use, the result is reduced electrical consumption, longer service life for filter medium, and a virtually dust free and labor free scrap collection system.

“Kernic Systems is committed to providing our clients with efficient, sustainable solutions to meet the needs of their modern packaging production equipment,” said John Jurk, Vice President, and Partner of Kernic Systems. “With this incredibly efficient scrap recovery system we are able to provide our client with a labor-free, dust-free and environmentally conscious solution to save valuable labor hours while maintaining a safe and healthy working environment. We are proud to have partnered with Höcker Polytechnik to bring these advancements in scrap recovery systems to the corrugated manufacturing industry here in North America”.

(Left to Right) Daniel Williams (Sales & Marketing, Kernic Systems), Carsten Holdack (Sales Director, Höcker Polytechnik GmbH), Philipp Koch (Project Manager, Höcker Polytechnik GmbH), Abi Naemi (Executive Partner, CanCorr), John Jurk (Vice President & Partner, Kernic Systems)

About Kernic Systems & Höcker Polytechnik GmbH

Kernic Systems is a worldwide leading provider of paper scrap recovery systems that prioritize efficiency, sustainability, and safety. For over 40 years Kernic has had the commitment to innovation and industry-leading technology, and they continue to drive forward advancements in scrap collection systems. Kernic Systems has partnered with Höcker Polytechnik to bring German engineering and efficiency to the paper scrap recovery markets in North America. 

Höcker Polytechnik GmbH has been designing, planning, and building air conveying systems since 1962 and are a global leader in clean air technology solutions for the paper and wood industries across the globe. Höcker Polytechnik GmbH is an owner-managed company with over 300 employees (including subsidiaries) and has completed over 60,000 installations worldwide over 60 years. Their headquarters are in Hilter a. T. W near Osnabrück in North Germany with subsidiaries, technical offices, and distributors worldwide.

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