JCB, OXBOX: The story of a partnership you want on your side

To tell the story of this incredible journey we must go back to 2018. Now I won’t take you way back down the line of where Corby came from a family tree of packaging and is well known in the corrugated industry working with power houses in the industry for the last 40 years. 

We will just go back to 2018 When the 3 founding partners got together and said let’s take a chance on us. Corby being the visionary, John being the muscle and Brian being the Brains. They decided to form JCB Packaging, filling the gaps by doing what others wouldn’t so customers could get what they need.

They saw that there was a great need to pick up opportunities that were being missed because others didn’t want to find the solution to see the project all the way through to the end for one reason or another. They decided to do the one off’s the short runs, the large orders, whatever it meant. Even stocking products for JIT shipping, and anything that made sense to say yes to and if you know JCB you know they don’t turn down an opportunity. 

From the time they shared warehouse space in 2018 in Hillsboro Oregon to growing to adding on their logistics division and growing to 3 warehouses equaling 340,000 Sqft of manufacturing and logistics space. Respectively boasting 100 years of combined knowledge between the 3 leaders, the future was bright.

Cutting their teeth on supporting brands like NIKE, Doc Marten, Keen and Precor.  Supplying Distributors in the PNW like WCP Solutions, Veritiv, Lansberg, Ernest, PCB, and Premier Packaging. Then adding logistics for cross docking, order fulfillment, drop shipping and more for our customers like Dutch Bro’s, Costco, and Columbia Sportwear. There was nothing JCB couldn’t do for you and your team.  

With the 3 JCB facilities in the pacific northwest doing well, Corby and Brian set their sights on Texas after John retired. The next goal was to continue this incredible growth in their niche of truly being a one stop shop for all business sizes and create 100 more jobs. So, to Texas JCB went.

Upon opening in Texas and learning about a new market the JCB Centex team was doing what JCB does best in adapting to the needs of the customers supporting distributors and customers with Corrugated, Foam fabrication, wood and corrugated crates, Cold Chain shipping products, and more. Led to the team being on the search for Triple wall corrugated as it wasn’t being fabricated by many in Texas but there was a demand. In comes Mandy the JCB Centex sale manager with what she thinks will be a great source and partner for JCB Centex, the one and only OXBOX!

The appointment was set. Corby, Brian, Mandy, and Raul would have a meeting with Guy the president of OXBOX and the stars aligned. From that meeting Corby and Brian had a great feeling that Guy and his team at OXBOX would be incredible partners. So, Corby and Brian booked their flights to Addison IL and learned the story of OXBOX.

OXBOX is a beast of a business on its own. With a rich American history. Originally starting the company as a construction company “Ockerlund Industries” before WWII. The war hit, and the company was tasked with creating wood crates to nobly support the United States is a difficult time. 

After the war ended Ockerlund Industries aka OXBOX had some changes. The grandfather and founder of Ockerlund Industries had 2 sons. One son decided to continue the construction business and the other son (Guy’s father) decided to expand on the wood box making division to heavy duty crating and expand on supporting businesses with heavy duty packaging. 

After Guy’s father got back from his time serving his country as a military man and now veteran Guy’s father saw the corrugated market that was starting to boom in the late 60’s and decided to get into the corrugated business but still mainly focused on wood crating.

In comes the next generation, Guy. Guy saw there was great potential in corrugated fiberboard.  Guy and the team at OXBOX decided it was time to put a heavier emphasis on Corrugated and grow with Technological advancements. With the vision that no one can beat that Ox Box offers best in class heavy duty box manufacturing and service.

Proving to be the Best-In-Class them OXBOX is every machine has been replaced and continues to be replaced to support technological advancements as well as a great investment being made to in office automation to speed things up in the plant and in the office. Growing with technology was monumental in OXBOX’s success over the years. Having an eye for tech growth has been the key in providing industrial packaging at high speed.

Now for over 60 years OXBOX has been the “Strength you can depend on.”

I bet you’re asking what does one have to do with another? It’s simple really. Guy, Corby, and Brian met in person learning their values align that things are not just about speed to market but also about exceptional quality it was a no brainer to lock arms and form OXBOX Texas in partnership with JCB Packaging CENTEX. 

This will be one of the greatest partnerships in the packaging industry. With their teams combined there is nothing the JCB OXBOX teams can’t provide to businesses of all sizes. With this powerhouse on your side, you have everything you need in the heart of Texas.

This a just the beginning for them as they continue to set their eyes on the future creating more opportunities on the horizon, they are looking at opening additional OXBOX facilities and creating more jobs closer to the border of Mexico and even closer to the West Coast.