Growing the Next Generation of Leaders

Enrollment Open for AICC Emerging Leader Program

AICC, The Independent Packaging Association, has more than 100 Emerging Leaders representing 82 AICC member companies. 

The AICC Emerging Leader (EL) Program is an exclusive series of training, networking, and leadership opportunities for ambitious young professionals (35 and under) in the paper and packaging industry. With the opportunities and information available in the EL Program, young professionals who are ready to commit to their professional development will have the chance to grow into proven, reliable future leaders in their company and industry.

Emerging Leaders have access to customized training and networking opportunities, both regionally and nationally, like on-site workshops, education-intensive field trips, and executive roundtables. They also get direct access to leadership opportunities within AICC, including:

·       Participation in industry committees like government relations, paperboard supply & regulation, and industry education, among others

·       Short and long-term mentorship Programs with veteran industry experts

·       Meaningful group presence on the AICC Board of Directors

·       Creating and executing educational content for the industry

Companies who support their young professionals in the Emerging Leader Program get the benefit of increasingly knowledgeable employees who are developing their soft skills and have an interest in contributing to the health of their company on a high level. Their ELs have a strong network of peers, access to the best mentorship and advice the industry has available, and are establishing the necessary skills to take on leadership roles within the company. AICC Member companies can retain young talent by encouraging their employees to participate in the career development opportunities offered by the EL Program.

Applications we welcome from AICC General (boxmaker) and Associate (supplier) Members. There is no fee to join the Program, but some events have registration fees. 

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Questions can be directed to Taryn Pyle, Director of Education & Leadership Development,