Going Forward- Part 2: New Breaking Down Boxes Episode Released

In the latest episode of Breaking Down Boxes, the insightful podcast produced by AICC, The Independent Packaging Association, hosts Gene Marino, President, Akers Packaging Service Group, and Joe Morelli, Vice President of Sales & Marketing, Huston Patterson Printers and Lewisburg Printing Co., continue to unravel the journey of Richard Brown, President and Co-Owner of The BoxMaker. 

Part 1 of Going Forward delved into key aspects of Richard’s career in the packaging industry that led him to The BoxMaker, offering valuable insights for listeners. 

Part 2 of Going Forward explores the evolution of digital technology within the corrugated packaging sector. Richard shares insights into the efficiencies brought about by digital production, emphasizing its transformative impact on supply chain dynamics. He reflects on the transition from traditional analog methods to digital processes, highlighting the advantages in terms of reduced waste, enhanced flexibility, and streamlined workflows.

Furthermore, Richard provides a glimpse into the industry’s future, predicting a continued shift toward digital solutions driven by evolving customer demands and technological advancements. He envisions a landscape where digital printing becomes increasingly ubiquitous, leading to greater efficiencies and cost-effectiveness for manufacturers and customers alike.

“Richard Brown and The Boxmaker are known as early adopters and innovators,” said AICC President Mike D’Angelo. “This second Breaking Down Boxes conversation dives into digital printing, the creation of Fantastapack, virtual storefronts, and other new ways of doing business.”

The episode concludes with reflections on mentorship and advice for the next generation of industry professionals. Richard acknowledges the invaluable guidance he has received throughout his career and encourages aspiring professionals to embrace continuous learning and a willingness to challenge the status quo.

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