FRIESE Corrugating Rolls: 1700 Customers in 77 Countries

Since 1992, FRIESE Corrugating Rolls has concentrated on growing with its customers, with a technological focus on quality, reliability and innovation. FRIESE is a world leader in the manufacture of corrugating rolls, with 1,700 customers in 77 countries.

Friese provides different options that come with many benefits, below are just a few.

RockProfile – flute profile optimization
              – Save medium while maintaining ECT values
              – PACE (Profile Analysis and Comparison Estimate) 

Rockwelle – triple polished tungsten carbide coating
              – Smooth as chrome, stable flute geometry, lower medium tension= stronger combined board

CCS / Thermogrooves – the most effective condensate removal system 
              – No banana affect, no running in of the rolls, no maintenance/adjustments, no modifications to the current steam system. 

Feel free to check out the website: FRIESE CORRUGATING ROLLS and don’t hesitate to reach out to Christian Rodriguez via email for a quote or any questions you might have. I can also work up a PACE (Profile Analysis and Comparison Estimate) Report to show you how FRIESE corrugating rolls can improve your corrugated board quality and plant productivity.