FRIESE: Convert your traditionally heated corrugating rolls into PERIPHERALLY HEATED corrugating rolls

I want to introduce the new Peripheral Heating System for the XXI century from Friese GmbH

Friese is an innovator of the corrugated industry and has been working with peripheral heated rolls since 1996. They have now designed a special family of peripheral heated rolls with bigger gun drilled holes for better steam efficiency.  The new rolls have a quick and simple installation and if you need spare parts they are now available in North America. This is a complete package that requires a low initial investment and produces great results! 

Now has never been a better time to make the switch to Friese. These rolls are available for your current single facer and will provide many advantages.

Advantages of the new Peripheral Heating System

  • Elimination of condensate accumulation by utilizing a constant flow through process for steam evacuation.
  • Reduction to a few minutes cold to hot heat up time.
  • Better heat exchange.
  • Uniform temperature across entire roll body being kept and maintained on a fast basis.
  • Elimination of roll deformation at start-up or re-start.
  • No waste when starting or re-starting production is produced.
  • Elimination of traditional curved siphon tube.
  • Higher temperature than traditional corrugating rolls is reached by using same steam pressure.
  • Ability to regulate roll surface temperature based upon the paper being run.
  • Energy saving
  • Fast ROI