Feds invest $10M in Kruger Packaging for mill transformation project

Kruger Packaging is investing over $30 million to modernize its Place Turcot Containerboard Mill in Montréal. The company expects this transformation to be completed in 2025.

Kruger shares in a press statement that the Place Turcot facility will be the first in North America to manufacture 100 percent recycled saturating kraft board, a product that is used to make high-pressure laminates for furniture, countertops and decorative panelling. In addition to eco-friendly saturating kraft board, Place Turcot will make other specialty products from 100 percent recycled fibres, including gypsum board paper, customized board for residential construction, folding box board for FDA-compliant food packaging and white top linerboard. The transformation project will help to secure the mill’s 153 jobs and contribute to reducing its overall environmental footprint.

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