Dusobox Corp. Selects CorrValues by Two10 Technologies for Multi-Year Analytics Agreement

Two10 Technologies is proud to announce that Dusobox Corp of Orlando, FL has reached an agreement to enlist Two10 Technologies of Dallas, TX to provide their industry-leading analytics software suite, CorrValues.

This game-changing software, called CorrValues, brings together data from a company’s ERP system, CRM system, payroll system, CAD software, and Excel spreadsheets, and renders them into mobile-friendly interactive dashboards organized by department, and offers flexibility to customize metrics to fit the specific needs of each client.

“Dusobox will have a clear edge over their competition gaining real-time analytics with deep insights in every department from Sales and Production to Finance and Inventory and everything in between. Their leadership team is so forward-thinking, recognizing the value and speed of data and technology as a focus to separate themselves from their industry rivals,” says Jason Hooston, CEO of Two10 Technologies.

President of Dusobox, John Kelley, says of the agreement, “We are excited to take this leap forward as we continue to center our future on service and technology providing our customers and employees real-time data like never before. We look forward to our partnership with the team at Two10.”

Two10 Technologies makes CorrValues implementation seamless and stress-free as it builds all the customized dashboards and sets up the turn-key software. Clients need no additional staff, no additional hardware, and will be able to access usable metrics on all devices the first day of implementation. CorrValues is the next step in growing your packaging business. Reach out to their team for an obligation-free demo today!

About Two10 Technologies

Two10 Technologies was founded in 2018 right in the heart of one of the largest Packaging markets in the United States, the Dallas/Ft Worth metroplex, strategically located to service their client base all over North America. The company vision was of a technology firm that can quickly provide simple elegance to the complex metrics by which leaders in the Packaging industry run their businesses. After 20+ years in the distribution and packaging industries providing sales support, operations leadership, project management, and executive leadership, our staff has come up through the ranks to lead companies very similar to yours. It is with this experience that our staff’s passion emerges, which is to provide the data you need with minimal effort. Taking the very complex and massive amounts of data we collect in our systems everyday and molding that into actionable data to make decisions from is what leaders like you crave everyday. For more information, please visit: www.two10technologies.com or call us at 817.320.7769.