Carrefour Brasil Introduces New Recyclable Packaging

Carrefour Brasil is due to roll out new recyclable packaging for its organic products, bakery, cafeteria, cold cuts in addition to products that are purchased through its e-commerce platform.

51 million Stryrofoam trays to be removed

The move forms part of Carrefour’s plan to phase out conventional plastic packaging for its organic products and use instead recyclable, biodegradable packaging. Within 12 months, the initiative is expected to eliminate more than 51 million Stryrofoam trays through the adoption of more environment-friendly alternatives. Essentially, Stryrofoam is a material that’s hard to recycle and takes several decades to decompose, hence being substituted by corrugated cardboard, which is a natural raw material that’s recyclable, biodegradable and takes only six months to decompose.

In terms of cold cuts and sliced cheeses, Carrefour will introduce sheets of FSC-certified paper and recyclable polyethylene plastic instead of Stryrofoam packaging.

In its supermarkets and hypermarkets’ cafeterias, Carrefour started introducing materials made of paper and wood to replace plastic drinking straws. Meanwhile, in the bakery section, kraft paper, which is recyclable and biodegradable, will replace paper packaging that has a transparent plastic display.

Its e-commerce branch will also see a revamp of its packaging proposition by offering more sizes (seven instead of four) for food items. For non-food items, recyclable and biodegradable cardboard boxes will be increasingly used.

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