CAMBRICA: Meet us at SuperCorr Expo in Orlando

August 8 – 12, Booth 2218 and learn how professional technical knowledge management returns mid-to-high $ 6 figures for the average box plant

Control | Share | Analyze | Profit


Well maintained equipment will perform at designed operating speeds and produce at designed quality levels well beyond your calculated ROI period.  Agility, an enterprise level Maintenance Management Software is a tool for your asset manager to optimize performance and control maintenance activities and according to your KPIs, for example:

–          On-time performance of scheduled maintenance work

–          Spare Parts Inventory – Service Level

–          Skill level of in-house technicians to perform maintenance activities

–          Performance according to budget

–          Mean-Time-To-Respond/Resolve/Repair

–          Analyze performance by asset

–          Listen to your plant. Integrate with IIoT, PLCs, ….


Easily capture and share knowledge with your technical teamNew at SuperCorr, Ki-inO lets you share operating, maintenance, and technical specifications of any kind on any web-enabled device. View a demonstration of how a modern technical knowledge sharing platform puts relevant manuals, schematics, videos, instructions, and other technical data at the fingertips of your technical team when and where it is needed. This technology dramatically reduces search time, downtimes, and avoids costly mistakes.


Data silos are a challenge to the digital transformation. When data is isolated in one department or database and not available to an entire organization, employees have to spend a lot of time searching for information. This is very costly to organizations. PoolParty UnifiedViews solves this problem through agile data integration. With it, organizations have an overview of all their knowledge in one single place, without the need to create and build more data. The tools are used to:

–          Build knowledge graphs

–          Text Mining

–          Accurate document classification

–           Unified views across data silos

–          Tagging for searching, validating, and processing information

–          Extract knowledge from text on-the-fly, on-premise or cloud, secure and in use worldwide


Stop by at booth #2218 and let us demonstrate with the aid of our educational material how professionally managed assets return sizable profits in the context of your operation.  Let’s discuss how your business can get started with quickly implemented knowledge projects.