BOBST Lyon hosts Productivity World Championship for FFG 8.20 EXPERT l EXPERTLINE – Winners Revealed

Leading global manufacturer of print and packaging technologies, BOBST, has revealed the results of its Productivity World Championship 2022, a contest held by Bobst Lyon for customers around the globe.

For a 96-hour period between June 28 and July 1, customers were challenged to produce the highest quantity of regular slotted container (RSC) and complex boxes using FFG 8.20 EXPERT and EXPERTLINE equipment. Reflecting the global diversity of BOBST customers, businesses in more than 10 countries across four continents took part in the competition. 

BOBST has now revealed the winner of the Productivity World Championship 2022 for FFG 8.20 EXPERT and EXPERTLINE. 

Producing a huge 1,545,870 units in the 96-hour period was packaging converter Saica Pack Warrenpoint, based in Newry, Northern Ireland. Using BOBST FFG 8.20 EXPERTLINE, Saica Pack Warrenpoint reached an average open hour speed of over 16,000 boxes per hour and 53 orders set ups. 

As a result, the business has scooped the top prize of BOBST spare parts inventory to the value of €10,000. Completing the podium, Zerhusen Katonagen GmbH of Damme, Germany, was awarded second place while Seyfert Forez, based in Feurs, France, took bronze. All three companies will be invited to Bobst Lyon as part of their prize.

David ARNAUD, Product Marketing Director FFG DRO at BOBST, comments: “With our Productivity World Championship, we want to prove that ‘seeing is believing’ when it comes to our FFG 8.20 EXPERT and EXPERTLINE. It’s about putting technology in the hands of our customers, and one of the best ways we can do that is with a challenge! Converters are naturally competitive, so of course everyone was aiming for the top prize!

“The competition truly puts the technology to the test and the results speak for themselves, with each of the top three finishers producing more than 1,300,000 quality finished units in a 96-hour period and seeing job change setup time in as little as four minutes. When we talk about the productivity advantages of BOBST technology, this is exactly what we mean.

“The result of our competition is a powerful example of what makes FFG 8.20 EXPERT and EXPERTLINE such an outstanding choice for high volume packaging converters in a world that relies on speed and high throughput without compromising on quality. The key principles of the BOBST Vision, connectivity, digitalization, automation and sustainability, are at the heart of the technology, and because of this, exceptional day to day performance becomes effortless.”

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Saica Pack Warrenpoint, Newry, Northern Ireland
Zerhusen Katonagen GmbH of Damme, Germany
Seyfert Forez, based in Feurs, France

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