Baysek: CCE – Exhibition machine goes to PAP-Kartonagen in Kerpen, Germany

Pap-Kartonagen is a classic corrugated board converter that has been producing webs and compartments near Cologne since 1980. The interior design of the carton is the special core competence: Therefore “order in the cardboard”, is the slogan. With its 35 employees, the Pap family produced an impressive 5 million sets of compartments and 25 million individual webs last year. When Georg Pap learned that the CCE 2023 exhibition machine was for sale, he bought the machine within a few days with no hesitation. Beforehand, he had informed himself about this machine at friendly partners and was quickly convinced . The Baysek C-170 is a flatbed die cutter that works on the principle of the roller die cutter and deposits, counts and stacks a finished die cut pallet at 1,800 strokes/ hour. The finished pallet can be immediately sent to the delivery warehouse. Corrugated board formats of max. 170 x 140 cm can be processed, as can solid board up to 4 mm thick. An additional suction system immediately extracts the waste and dust. There is no more manual stripping or separating. With only one operator, the machine can produce all day, significantly increasing productivity while saving costs. Immediately following the CCE (March 14-16 in Munich, Germany), the machine will go to Kerpen, Germany, and immediately begin its service.