ARC International to Offer Cutting Edge Anilox Roller Cleaning System

Leading US producer of anilox rollers and sleeves, ARC International today announced their agreement with Dominik Mietus, owner of Chicago-based Efficient Anilox Care, LLC. ARC will represent Efficient Anilox Care’s microfiber Anilox Roll Cleaning Plate in the North American market. This innovative new technology enables flexographic presses to clean the anilox roller on an unused unit while the press is operating.


“This new product attaches to virtually any printing plate roller and cleans while the press runs,” said Micheal Foran, President and CEO of ARC International. “With millions of microfibers designed to maintain a high degree of the anilox cell’s integrity, this product will help to ensure a more consistent ink volume transfer as it extends the life of your roller.


“We are extremely excited to partner with Dominik to promote such a cutting edge and money saving product that complements our core anilox roller business,” Foran concluded.


About ARC International

Celebrating their 35th anniversary, ARC International is a world leader in the manufacturing of products for the flexographic printing industry. ARC pays personal attention to every aspect of the operation. Each phase of its organization is operated with maximum efficiency to ensure customer satisfaction.

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About Efficient Anilox Care, LLC

With over twenty years of flexographic printing experience, Efficient Anilox Care, LLC understands the importance of clean, well maintained anilox rollers and the vital roll that plays in ensuring consistent flexographic printing quality. For more information see their website at