Another successful Spirabelt installation for a west coast customer

The Cristini Spirabelt was recently installed in conjunction with the Simon S press system at a West Coast box plant.

By installing the Spirabelt our customer saw a 58%  reduction in belt weight. What does this mean? Huge main drive energy savings!

The Spirabelt allows the heat and moisture to travel evenly through the board from the bottom up and not just through the edges of the web. 

What are the benefits? 

  • Faster starch curing
  • Increases Heat Transfer through the board  
  • Flatter board 
  • Requires less starch to properly bond the single face to the bottom liner 
  • Reduced board temperature coming out of the head pulley 
  • Reduces delamination
  • Improves board caliper and stiffness

Please reach out to Randy Banks for a Spirabelt quote:

To learn more about the Simon S press system reach out to Don La Commare: