Another day, another new scrap removal system (Ox Box and Kernic Systems)

Kernic Systems joined forces with BAYSEK for a quick effective scrap removal solution to service a new BAYSEK C190 Die Cutter at a custom heavy-duty packaging provider, Ox Box, out of Addison, IL.

The scrap removal system includes a Hӧcker Polytechnik GmbH PMA Rotary Airlock Material Separator and a Multi-Star filtration system, complete with ATEX certified pressure venting to manage the scrap material and dust generated by the Baysek die cutter. The limited scrap material is deposited into a gaylord underneath the material separator for further recycling. Utilizing a negative pressure system to handle scrap material ensures a dust free environment and lower noise levels than conventional positive pressure air conveying systems. 

Thank you to Baysek Machines and Ox Box for their trust in Kernic and for making this a successful project to close out 2023!

See the Ox Box website for more details on their packaging solutions:

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