AICC’s Steve Young & Mike D’Angelo Participated in a Meeting of ICCA Member Associations

At the International Corrugated Case Association (ICCA) meeting on May 20, AICC’s Steve Young and Mike D’Angelo participated in a meeting of ICCA member Associations.  Best practices was the topic of discussion.  There was great exchange and camaraderie in the room.  Consistent with the 2020 Destination Model, AICC is looking to solidify its relationships with overseas organizations.  The attendees resolved to gather annually at the ICCA meeting.  The participants (L to R), Sam Chen – CTCCA Chinese Tapei; Steve Young – AICC; Dennis Colley – FBA; Rachel Kenyon – FBA; Angelika Christ – FEFCO Europe; Kumiko Miyagi – JCCA Japan; Allen Kirkpatrick – CCCA Canada; Vincent Mathias – FCBM India; Ryo Hayama – JCCA Japan; Mike D’Angelo – AICC.