AICC: The Industry’s Rising Stars

AICC, The Independent Packaging Association, is pleased to announce the recipients of the 2021-2022 J. Richard Troll Scholarship and the winners of the 2021 Annual Student Packaging Design Competition.  

All of the winners in the student design competition receive a monetary award and plaque. The troll scholarship recipients receive a plaque and a monetary scholarship is sent to their respective schools for the next calendar year. 

AICC 2021 Student Design Winners

Due to the challenges students continued to face in 2021 because of Covid-19, AICC modified its competition. Students had to create and design a “Quarantine Survival Kit,” a self-shipper box that would be sent to a friend, relative, etc., during a quarantine. Structurally, the task was to build a box that could safely ship (1) 10.75 oz can of soup, (1) sleeve of crackers, (1) 12 oz bag of coffee, and (1) 8 oz hand sanitizer. Graphically, teams needed to design the exterior and interior of the box, including creating their own company and logo, and give the customer a “wow” factor when unboxing.

  • The First Place winners were Logan Vinson, Thomas Breslin, Marcus Dodds, and James Linenbrink from Clemson University. 
  • The Second Place winners were Glennith Tran, Maria Tran, Odalys Carranza, and Karina Oviedo from the University of Texas at Arlington.
  • There was a tie for third place.
    • Tucker Nelson, Tyler Kirkland, Wil Gates and Nick Miller from Clemson University.
    • Brooke Oleta Selby, Afia Azeemuddin, Dai Vuong, and Tien Tran from the University of Texas at Arlington.

AICC 2021-2022 J. Richard Troll Scholarship Recipients

Graduate Student Recipient:

  • First Place Winner: Lauren Toler, Clemson University

Undergraduate Student Recipients: 

  • First Place Winner: Mary Werner, Clemson University
  • Second Place Winner: Wallace Layman, North Carolina State University
  • Third Place Winner: Hannah Emch, Michigan State University

For more information on the annual AICC Student Packaging Design Competition and the J. Richard Troll Scholarship, please contact Laura Mihalick at 703-836-2422 or