AICC Midwest Region Announces Scholarship Winner

Casey Shaw, Director of Customer Service at Batavia Container and AICC Midwest Region Director, announced that a winner of the 2020 Scholarship has been chosen.  

Julia Reiter, daughter of Keith Reiter – K.B. Reiter, LLC, was chosen as the recipient of the $5,000 scholarship.  Since the age of 13, Julia knew that her passion was working with children. Over the years, she has worked in numerous environments involving children, from being a dance/tumbling instructor, to a counselor at a camp for the disabled. These experiences led her to pursue a career in child psychology. She is currently a junior at California State University Fullerton, majoring in clinical psychology with a minor in child and adolescent development. Once she has earned her bachelors, she will continue with her education to obtain her masters, and later her PhD in clinical psychology. In addition, she currently works as a full time Applied Behavioral Analysis therapist for children with autism and other developmental disorders. This job consists of interventions in individualized and multiple range of skills including, but not limited to, areas of communication, socialization, positive behavior, and independence in daily living skills. Julia hopes to make a difference in all the children she works with along with their families. If not all, then just one. 

Congratulations Julia and thank you to all the other impressive applicants! For more information on the program, please contact Shari Saeger at 715-204-0288 or