AICC: Leadership & Benchmarking Increase Productivity

Alexandria, VA – June 20, 2019 – AICC, The Independent Packaging Association, brought 12 packaging professionals together to tour Pacific Southwest Container and attend back-to-back seminars:  Production Leadership: Next Level Supervision of People & Process and Production Measurement: Benchmarking & Buy-in, held June 4-5 and June 6-7 in Modesto, CA. Both seminars were led by Dr. Scott Ellis, Ed.D., Principal, Working Well LLC.

These two Seminars were about engaging and equipping employees. The coursework focused on converting the willing to the willing and capable. Attendees, with the support of Ellis, also strategized about converting the unwilling and capable, like change resistant long-term employees, back to engaged employees.

“Scott (Ellis) has the ability to make the seminar exciting and a blast to be a part of. I`m walking away with the tools that are going to help me become a better supervisor,” said Dean Brown of Viking Industries.

Production Leadership: Next Level Supervision of People & Process taught managers in independent corrugated, folding carton, and rigid box plants to address the constant changes in the marketplace and workforce. Before the seminar began, participants completed a self-assessment to gain awareness of their specific leadership and communication styles, then during the seminar, attendees shared their best practices, challenges, and questions while learning from an expert instructor.

Production Measurement: Benchmarking & Buy-in brought attendees into the War Room to practice using tools to increase productivity and reduce employee turnover in a virtual company and on the real host plant floor. Participants worked together to find solutions that cut setup times by 65%. Attendees worked with the crew of the host plant, Pacific Southwest Container, to put their new skills into action.

Derek White, Facilitator, Pacific Southwest Container, said, “how to measure OEE and what 7s really is, is the best tool I`ve been given, I can`t wait to bring this to my team.”

More information about upcoming seminars can be found at Questions about seminars or webinars and the value a well-trained workforce brings to a company can be directed to Taryn Pyle, Director of Education & Leadership Development,, or Chelsea May, Education and Training Manager, or 703.836.2422.

About AICC, The Independent Packaging Association

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