AICC Launches Converter Think Tank Series

AICC, The Independent Packaging Association, is launching the Converter Think Tank Series, a bi-monthly videoconference to foster peer to peer learning for AICC members. The first sessions will be Friday, November 20. 

This year, among AICC’s highlights were the weekly COVID calls developed to help AICC members navigate the complexities of work, safety, employees, customers, and overall business challenges during uncertain times. One of the benefits that came from these “get-togethers” was the peer to peer connections made, and the critical information members were able to provide one another to navigate this new business paradigm. 

AICC’s Converter Think Tanks were developed to continue peer-to-peer conversations on topics affecting your business today and beyond. They will cover specific emerging challenges and find members nationwide to offer their insights and perspectives based on their successes and challenges. These sessions will start with conversations between members with knowledge on specific topics and then provide an open forum for questions.

The first session will feature Kevin Ausburn, Chairman and CEO, Southern Missouri Containers, and Chairman of AICC’s Paperboard, Regulations and Sheet Supply Subcommittee, who along with several Committee members, will discuss the recent activities with paper, demand, capacity, and related issues. The live panel will discuss the impact on paper availability, challenges with specific substrates, and potential impact on current and future production. 

Registration for the Converter Think Tank is free for AICC members. Register at

Questions about the Think Tank series, training and the value a well-trained workforce brings to a company can be directed to Taryn Pyle, Director of Education & Leadership Development,, or Chelsea May, Education and Training Manager, or 703.836.2422