AICC Honors Gary Brewer & Greg Jones

AICC Champion Award Presented at 2022 Corrugated Week

AICC, The Independent Packaging Association, honored two exceptional members, Gary Brewer, Package Crafters and Greg Jones, SUN Automation Group, during AICC/ TAPPI Corrugated Week, by presenting them with the AICC Champion Award. 

“Both Gary and Greg share an instinct to make connections. They have a genuine spirit about how they do so. Their success with matching the wants and needs of prospects and newcomers with all of the programming the AICC offers its members has made the Association stronger this year,” said AICC Membership & Marketing Committee Chair Finn Macdonald, Independent II.

The AICC Champion Award is given annually to recognize an AICC member that has made outstanding contributions in furthering the Association’s membership. These efforts can include recruiting new members, retaining members who may need encouragement to maintain their membership, or assistance in helping member companies increase their engagement with the Association. 

“Everything that AICC does starts and ends with its members,” said AICC President Mike D’Angelo, “those that are recognized with the AICC Champion Award go above and beyond in terms of what they bring to the Association. We appreciate the special effort that Gary and Greg have made.”

Engaging, retaining and growing AICC Membership requires a balance of focus, opportunism, and delivery. The two recipients have these qualities and more. 

Brewer, when visiting box plants, asks them if they are AICC members and if they are not he tells them why they should be. He has helped AICC recruit members this year and fostered several more ongoing conversations. 

Brewer said, “As a long standing member it is certainly easy to engage others and promote the great value that AICC provides. AICC’s offerings have tremendously benefitted both me personally and the members of my team. When a new member joins it is not only a win for AICC but a much larger win for that new member.”

Jones, who is receiving this award for the second time, routinely introduces prospects to AICC and is always the first to volunteer to reach out to members who need some encouragement to renew. 

“I’d like to thank AICC Staff and the leadership of Finn McDonald overseeing the Membership Committee. Approximately five years ago I was looking to engage in the industry and the membership committee seemed like a natural fit for me. It allowed me the opportunity to invest in AICC as a relative newcomer to the industry and what I found was I was the one benefitting the most with new relationships and working toward a unified cause and goal to recruit and retain members. Virginia and the entire staff give us a great product in AICC to promote to the corrugated industry that will deliver value to all who engage in the process. I strongly encourage all who are looking to serve somewhere in the industry to communicate with an AICC staff member to see where you feel led. The association and industry have been a truly blessing to me professionally and personally,“ said Jones

Recipients of the Award are selected by the Membership & Marketing Committee Chair. All employees at AICC member companies are eligible for the award.

Questions about the Champion Award and the value AICC brings to a company can be directed to Virginia Humphrey, Director of Membership & Marketing, at 703.535.1383 or