AICC: Empowering Packaging Students- Free Online Courses for Packaging Schools

During this time of uncertainty, when universities have had to close their campuses, AICC, The Independent Packaging Association, and The Packaging School are protecting the future of our industry by enabling students to continue their corrugated packaging education with free online courses. 

Michael D’Angelo, AICC President, said, “AICC and The Packaging School are taking this action to ensure that the packaging programs have access to online content. The schools do not have students on their campuses during the pandemic. They need to provide online programming to keep their students engaged in courses that directly relate to the corrugated industry. We have those courses ready to go.”

Two courses, Corrugated Containers and Corrugated Basics, are currently available with additional courses being added each month. Available during the Summer and Fall semesters, the courses can be used as a resource for a Professor’s course, or taken independently by a student at home. 

“Now students across all types of education disciplines, from graphics and marketing to mechanical engineering and environmental sciences, can speak with confidence about the leading material across the packaging supply chain, and find a home within the corrugated industry,” said Drew Felty, CEO, The Packaging School.

The courses, already free to AICC members, will bridge the gap between on-campus and at-home packaging education. Once a school signs up, students or faculty members of higher education studying wood, paper, or packaging can visit to register for the courses. AICC members are encouraged to share this information with the schools and students in their communities. 

Questions? Contact Taryn Pyle, AICC Director of Education & Leadership Development,, 703.535.1391 or Drew Felty, CEO, The Packaging School at or 864.704.2968.

About AICC, The Independent Packaging Association

We are a growing membership association which serves independent corrugated, folding carton, and rigid box manufacturers and suppliers with education and information in print, in person, and online. AICC membership is for the full company and employees at all locations have access to member benefits. AICC offers free online education to all members to help the individual maximize their potential, and the member company maximize its profit. 

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About The Packaging School

The Packaging School is a premier online education tool for local and global packaging professionals. We offer multiple learning opportunities for both industry insiders with decades of experience and folks relatively new to the idea of a packaging profession. The cornerstone of our certificates is a licensed curriculum from Clemson University, and over the past few years, we’ve worked with hundreds of subject matter experts to expand our library with much more to come in 2020!