AICC: Driving Organic Growth

AICC, The Independent Packaging Association, will offer a new webinar, Driving Organic Growth, Thursday, December 3. This webinar will help attendees understand and implement voice of the customer interviews, which will foster better customer insights. 

Better customer understanding can lead to higher customer loyalty, superior new products, and ultimately rapid, profitable, sustainable growth. 

Kelly Lawrence, Founder and CEO, Lawrence Innovation and a coach for The AIM Institute and Dan Adams, Founder and President, The AIM Institute, and author of New Product Blueprinting: The Handbook for B2B Organic Growth will share their years of experience with participants and help them learn the latest methods in conducting virtual customer interviews. 

For more than two decades, Lawrence has delivered results for B2B innovators around the world, including Berkshire Hathaway’s Lubrizol & Fortune Brands’ Moen. A widely recognized marketing expert who truly understands industrial B2B, her teams typically deliver hit rates that dramatically exceed industry averages. Driven by the voice of the customer, Lawrence has a career history of converting insights into practical action plans that yield higher revenues, higher margins, and increased ROI for her clients and their downstream customers.

Adams is a chemical engineer and holder of many patents and innovation awards, including a listing in the National Inventors Hall of Fame. One of the foremost experts in B2B innovation, he has taught B2B professionals in every region of the world in hundreds of workshops. An award-winning speaker, Adams has lectured at Wharton’s Executive MBA program and other North American & European universities and is a popular industry keynote speaker.

Registration for Driving Organic Growth is $250 for members and $500 for non-members. This webinar is part of the All Access Pass. Pass holders can use their promo code to register at no additional cost. 

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